• Image of Love Me Leave Me - CD + Poster
  • Image of Love Me Leave Me - CD + Poster
  • Image of Love Me Leave Me - CD + Poster

Personally autographed copy of the Anji Bee album, "Love Me Leave Me," in the eco-friendly Cd format, plus a full color 11 X 17 poster from the same boudoir photoshoot as the album cover.

The 11 tracks of this album flow from warm and sensual deep house to icy cool trip hop and back again, exploring every aspect of love; desire, satiation, longing, disillusion, and contentment.

Many of these songs have been featured on Happy Healthy Vegan, so if you enjoy the backing music, then you'll probably dig this album!


1. Got All I Need
2. Love Me Leave Me
3. Saudade
4. Foolish
5. Sleight Of Hand
6. Mi Amor
7. Try To Forget
8. Put Some Music On
9. Perfect Boy
10. Love Will Turn Your Head Around (Lovespirals Mix)
11. Buddhahood

Released 12 November 2013


Anji Bee: lyrics, vocals, arrangements, programming, mixing & production
Ryan Lum: all instruments, programming, musical arrangements, backing vocals (tracks 1 + 3), tracking, mixing, & production
Doron Orenstein saxophone on track 5

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