• Image of Lovespirals 'Long Way From Home' CD
  • Image of Lovespirals 'Long Way From Home' CD
  • Image of Lovespirals 'Long Way From Home' CD

Get one of the original 2007 jewel box CDs of Lovespirals' 3rd full-length album while supplies last. Just 100 copies remain until it goes out of print.

Melding the dreamy folk and rock of their debut, 'Windblown Kiss,' with the soulful jazz and blues of follow-up, 'Free & Easy,' the duo seamlessly blend prior influences with new sounds and styles. The sensual voice of Anji spins seductive tales of beautiful sadness and spiritual longing set to Ryan's melancholic music. Bluesy electric guitar abounds, with touches of wistful slide guitar, tinkling piano, and haunting harmonica to evoke a lush, organic, Americana feel.

Many of these songs have been featured on Happy Healthy Vegan -- especially in the beach sunset or nature hiking vlogs -- so if you dig the music of the show, you'll definitely enjoy this album!


1. Caught in the Groove
2. Empty Universe
3. Treading The Water
4. Once In A Blue Moon
5. This Truth
6. Motherless Child
7. Sundrenched
8. Nocturnal Daze
9. Lovelight
10. Lazy Love Days

Released September 7, 2007

Anji Bee: lyrics, vocal arrangements.
Ryan Lum: electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, and percussion.