• Image of Lovespirals 'Windblown Kiss' CD
  • Image of Lovespirals 'Windblown Kiss' CD
  • Image of Lovespirals 'Windblown Kiss' CD
  • Image of Lovespirals 'Windblown Kiss' CD

We just unearthed the LAST BOX of the original 2002 release on CD! Get Lovespirals' debut album, 'Windblown Kiss,' on jewel tray CD format. Features gorgeous color photography and band portraits by Susan Jennings, full album lyrics, and design by Anji Bee. Includes original black & white band glossy from Projekt Records - while supplies last! JUST 30 COPIES LEFT!!!!

The duo’s lush, sensual songwriting embraces numerous genres on this first full length album, fusing Dream Pop with slow burning Blues, Country tinged Folk, Loungey Jazz and touches of World Music. Windblown Kiss blissfully intermingles Ryan’s dreamy acoustic and electric guitar melodies with lovely multi-language vocal harmonies by the earthy-yet-ethereal Anji. Adding additional folk and jazz elements are special guests Sean Bowley (of Projekt Records’ Eden) on guitar & vocals, and Doron Orenstein (of Subliminal Records’ Monkey Bars) on saxophone.

Many of these songs have been featured on Happy Healthy Vegan -- especially in the camping or nature hiking vlogs -- so if you dig the music of the show, you'll likely enjoy this album!


1. Oh So Long
2. Dejame
3. He Calls Me
4. Windblown Kiss
5. Our Nights
6. You Girl
7. How The Thieves Ride
8. You Are The Gun
9. Swollen Sea
10. I Can't See You / Old Kazoo Blues

Released June 18, 2002

Anji Bee: lyrics, vocal arrangements.
Ryan Lum: electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, and percussion.

All songs written by, published, and copyright Anji Bee (BMI) and Ryan Lum (BMI).

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