• Image of Lovespirals 'Life Goes On' CD

Lovespirals' ‘Life Goes On' is 5th Ryan and Anji's 5th full-length album, self-released in 2018. The physical album feature a gorgeously dreamy wraparound cover art on a 4-panel eco-wallet with matching full-color CD artwork. All photos were taken by Anji at some of the duo's favorite inspirational California destinations. You'll be sure to recognize many of these songs from Happy Healthy Vegan videos. Get an autographed copy while stock lasts!


1. It's Alright
2. Are You Lonely
3. Will It Ever Be The Same
4. Life Goes On
5. Heartstrings
6. Dark Night Of The Soul
7. Brother Against Brother
8. Spinning Circles
9. Breath Of Life
10. Foolish Heart
11. Memories