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Happy Healthy Vegan Cookbook, Anji Bee’s follow up to Keep It Carbed, Baby!, highlights the savory side of Happy Healthy Vegan. As with her previous title, the Happy Healthy Vegan Cookbook was independently authored and published in both a print edition and this handy PDF format eBook which is available for immediate download.

This new collection showcases forty delicious whole food plant based oil-free meals featured in the Anji and Ryan’s Happy Healthy Vegan YouTube vlogs and Instagram photos, with a whole chapter dedicated to their one-pot faves and another to easy 2-step recipes. The snacks chapter features many of the tasty and fan fave dehydrator recipes that Anji has developed in her home kitchen since 2011, while the brunch section shares fun ideas for making weekend meals special.

The Happy Healthy Vegan Cookbook is the epitome of sustainable home cooking, based around fresh ingredients like potatoes, celery, carrots, cauliflower, squash, peppers, and various greens with pantry staples and convenient freezer items like frozen corn, canned tomatoes, spices, or rice and beans of all varieties. As demonstrated in this book, these simple ingredients are easily transformed into a wide array of dishes.

With her uniquely healthy take on classic dishes from various cuisines, Anji tailored her recipes towards ease of use for readers with any level of kitchen experience. These recipes do not require any special chef skills or unusual ingredients, and most require only one pot to prepare. As a bonus, she included alternate directions for a number of recipes that can be made in a pressure cooker to speed up and simplify the cooking experience. She hopes that this book will inspire people to rely less on take-out dining or pre-packaged meals and try their hand at home cooking healthy oil-free plant based meals.

  • 40 recipes, including 10 one-pot and 10 two-step meals
  • Focused on pantry staples and ingredients already in most kitchens
  • Large full-color photos of every recipe, often more than one
  • All recipes exclude the use of oil
  • Mostly gluten free, soy free, nut free, and allium free
  • Includes many tips and options for recipe variations, including additions of onion
  • and garlic, so you can choose your favorite ingredients or work with what you have on hand
Released November 2020

80 total pages in digital PDF format.

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NOTE: Print book of Happy Healthy Vegan Cookbook also available!