• Image of Keep It Carbed, Baby! eBook
  • Image of Keep It Carbed, Baby! eBook
  • Image of Keep It Carbed, Baby! eBook

Keep It Carbed, Baby! features 45 of the most-asked-for recipes in Anji’s back-to-basics style of high carb, low fat, whole food, plant based dishes. These are not showy recipes with exotic ingredients, but homey go-to meals made with fresh seasonal produce and easy to find kitchen staples like rice, beans, potatoes, bananas and simple spices. The key point of every dish is that they are both healthy and satisfying.

From International favorites like the Kenyan cornmeal based Ugali and the rice and legume based Kitchari of India, to all-American Peach Pie and Hearty Breakfast Oatmeal, Anji has tailored her recipes towards ease of use for readers with any level of kitchen experience. She hopes that this book will inspire people worldwide to go vegan and Keep It Carbed, Baby!


  • 10 recipes each for breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert + 5 toppings
  • 8 page introduction to the book
  • Full color photos of every recipe
  • Mix of raw and cooked breakfast & lunch recipes
  • Recipes exclude oil, salt, onions and garlic
  • All but 1 recipe is gluten free, oats excepted

Includes fan favorites like my Black Forest Smoothie, Hearty Breakfast Oatmeal, Banana Bread Muffins, Fruity Waldorf Salad, Chickpea Salad Sandwich or Wrap, Black Bean Mango Tacos, Aloo Gobi Matar Masala Curry, Hearty Minestrone Soup, Mushroom Gravy, Pineapple Banana Float, No-Bake Persimmon Pie, Easy Fudge Truffles and MORE!

88 total pages in digital PDF format.

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NOTE: Print version of 'Keept It Carbed, Baby! also available!